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Los Alamos nuclear air: Plutonium-239, Americium-241, Cesium-137
Following Las Conchas fire, according to the New Mexico Environment Department, 137-Cesium, 239-Plutonium and 241-Americum have been recorded in air sample monitoring units in various locations around Los Alamos Nuclear Laboratory. ...

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here are the "public" forecasts... which show "low" levels of Cesium-137 ... however... This site was sent ... Here it is - five grams of caesium in water... But did you know caesium (aka cesium) is also used to define the length of a second? For extra ... On the road again.... work.... Came across some cesium in a lab, and decided to share. Regrettably, what everyone usually wants to see with cesium ... Newest version of our caesium video at Highly reactive and with a very low melting point, caesium is also a very beautiful element ... - The literature said: "Cesium may explode on contact with sulfur" Well... I just had to test that. If you like Cesium like I do, I have ... An even newer version of our caesium video can be found at By popular demand, we finally drop some caesium (cesium) into water ... food in berkley, CA : EURAD cesium-137 forecast: United States EPA "radiation map": www.epa ...

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