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Investing article - learn to invest in neodymium

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Hudson Resources: Advancing a Neodymium-Abundant Rare Earths Resource in Greenland
Rare earths are almost always found with uranium and thorium. At Sarfartoq the thorium concentration is low (about 500ppm), though its radiometric signature is an effective prospecting tool for identifying additional REE occurrences. ...

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see more at Super strong N 48 Neodymium Magnets Rare Earth Magnets Suspend a wooden Steel base and acts as a bearing. Solar Spin art ... Stuff you can do with neodymium magnets. Have fun, but I will not be responsible for any damages... Don't come crying to me if you break your ... This is a video showing the power of a N45 2 inch cube neodymium magnet with a pull force of about 420lb. The demonstration with the dollar bill I ... Neodymium is element number 60. More at There is a name for this law. This explains the "UNKNOWN MYSTERY" videos that people have done with hard drive platters and magnets. Large Neodymium magnets smashing, crushing, and destroying various things! Lighters, tomatoes, cans... the Magnet fears nothing ... See Bought online from various suppliers. Small neo supermagnet spheres are COOL, especially if you have way more than fifty of 'em ... This is a video with my big neodymium magnet. A powerful, yet dangerous magnet that can do amazing tricks. I've tried to make some original ...

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