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First Gold Intersects 1.24% Li2O, 2206 g/t Rubidium, 148 ppm Ta2O5 ...
First Gold Exploration Inc. (CVE:EFG) reported the most recent drill results for the Lac Pivert/Rose project.

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A chemistry experiment involving Rubidium and Pure Acetic Acid. For a complete listing of my videos, visit my website at - Rubidium dropped in water!!! Another experiment in our "small metallic collider" (aka, the anti-climax machine). We suspect this is the ... This is a video showing a small piece of old Rubidium thrown in a shallow dish of water. The reaction was a little delayed at first because it was ... cool science experiment Alkali Metals: Explosive reactions An updated rubidium video withan experiment can be found at This element plays a vital role in the world of lasers, but is of less ... At you can make your own music! This is the result of Axel Bomans work making music out of the Radioactive Orchestra. Name Origin Latin: rubidus (red); the colour its salts impart to flames. "Rubidium" in different languages. Sources Occurs abundantly ... Short video of a Rubidium frequency standard running on my workbench. During the video, I have to deal with my cat walking around my bench. I ...

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